Reaper – Overwatch Guide

Reaper – Overwatch Guide

The powerful, dark Reaper is one of the many Characters found in Overwatch. Able to teleport across large distance, and dealing massive damage in a single

Overwatch In Depth: Reaper Guide

Overwatch In Depth Zarya:
Reaper is one of the most useful heroes in Overwatch. He is strong on both offense and defense. So, I decided to make an In Depth episode about everyone’s favorite tank killer. This episode mostly focuses on Reaper’s damage abilities and how to disrupt his ult. Experience the thrill of vintage gaming right from your browser. Immerse yourself in the world of browser doom 2 nostalgia!
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REAPER … For Noobs

Reaper is one of the original Overwatch heroes, and he is the edgiest dude on the planet, which makes him a perfect character to do a “For Noobs” video on today! HAPPY HALLOWEEN muahahaha!!


Thumbnail art by Lumi, check her out:

The Intro song for this video is “I Think I’m Normal” by Carter Ace
Check him out here:

The Outro song for this video is “Bone Theme” by Michael Wyckoff
Check him out here:

#reaper #overwatch #fornoobs


The best, most concise guide for Reaper that I hope there is! I hope this video helps you develop both basic and advanced skills when playing Reaper (0 – 4250SR Is The audience I try to aim at – Especially in Coordinated 6v6 Scrims/PUGs!). I also make lengthy guides on r/OverwatchUniversity which is essentially the text form of this video.


Google Doc on Fast Dive (No clue why I still have this…):

Time Stamps:
00:00 Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns
02:01 Reaper’s Wraith Form
03:58 Reaper’s Shadow Step
05:23 Reaper’s Blossom
07:14 Reaper’s Playstyle/Positioning/Composition
07:17 Flanking Vs Frontlining Vs Lurking
08:32 Frontline – Brawl
09:35 Flanker – Brawl
10:16 Frontline – Poke
10:35 Flanker – Poke
11:32 Frontline – Dive
12:16 Flanker – Dive
13:42 Short Sightlines + Enclosed Area + Late Splitting
14:38 Funny Spilo Outro

Major shoutout and credit to Gregor for all the inspiration for the video series:

Credit to these Sources (Present In The Majority of These Guides, or This Guide Specifically):

1) Jayne (Former Assistant Coach for Dallas Fuel)
2) Spilo/StormCrowProductions (Former NA Contenders Uprising Coach)
3) SVB (Educative YouTuber)
4) MineralOW (Former OW YouTuber, Current Uprising Coach)
5) Your Overwatch (Educative YouTuber, Freedo)
6) Niandra (GM Mercy YouTuber)
7) katteow (Mercy Main YouTuber)
8) Fitzyhere
9) KarQ
10) Temporal
11) NatterOW
12) ioStux
13) Phaffer

1) Spilo/Pepper – Singing some song ig…

#UNDERRATED #Reaper #ReaperGuide

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