Beginner’s Guide and Tips – Monster Hunter Rise Guide

Beginner’s Guide and Tips – Monster Hunter Rise Guide

Monster Hunter Rise is more than just an action game – there are a ton of RPG elements you need to learn and master before you can truly call yourself a

5 Minute Bow Guide | Monster Hunter Rise | No Nonsense Weapon Guide Series

I have a link here to 8bitdo which has a a very clear image of pro controller buttons. Hopefully this helps the PC players:

Also, I have recently started a discord server. We organise hunts, talk about Monster Hunter and all sorts of other fun stuff there. If that sounds fun to you, join via this link:

So there’s a lot of weapon guides out there… some can go for up to an hour… some even more. Upon reflection I thought this might be daunting or off-putting to new players, or players that may be considering trying a new weapon. So I decided to create really quick, bare bones demonstrations of weapons just to get people started. Hopefully it encourages people to try new weapons and new ways of playing in this incredible game.

Time stamps
00:00 Intro
00:21 Basics
01:35 Special Shots
02:03 Wirebug Attacks
02:44 Coatings, Charge Levels and Shot Types
03:59 Demonstration

Music used:
Meowcenaries – Mana Ogura
Stage Of The Strong (Arena Theme) – Miwako Chinone

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A Beginner’s Guide to Monster Hunter Rise

The first 2 hours with explanations of core system mechanics to help you get started.
00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:14 Getting Started
00:16:40 Wirebug Training
00:30:10 Long Sword Basics
00:38:43 Armory
00:47:48 Canteen
00:49:58 Tutorial Quest
01:08:17 Getting Ready
01:14:28 Roly-poly Lanterns
01:24:40 Fungal Frustrations
01:33:45 Pre for Large Monster
01:40:40 Great Izuchi 1
01:50:07 Getting Lucky At Shop
01:57:36 Great Izuchi 2
02:03:22 Rondine and Crafting
02:08:30 Capture Izuchi
02:10:59 Weapon and Armor Crafting
02:14:27 Long Sword Advanced Tech
02:22:39 Intro to all 14 Weapons
02:39:22 Closing

Monster Hunter Rise Getting Started Guide: Ultimate Beginners Guide

In this Monster Hunter Rise Beginner Guide, I’m going to discuss the best tips and tricks that’ll go a long way to maximize your progression in Monster Hunter Rise. I’ll be talking about the top beginner-friendly weapons, dango combinations to aid in your hunts, and efficient ways to farm for zenny or the in-game currency.

Monster Hunter Rise PC Release is the highly anticipated Action RPG developed and published by Capcom. The game focuses on hunting Monsters in order to prevent them from invading your village. Monster Hunter Rise will be released on PC via Steam on January 12, 2022. Need a break? Play Fireboy and Watergirl and immerse yourself in a world of puzzles and excitement.

0:00 – Monster Hunter Rise Getting Started Guide PC
0:45 – Equip Beginner-Friendly Weapons
1:58 – Gather Resources to Upgrade Gear
2:48 – How to Farm Zenny
3:32 – Best Dango Combinations to Eat Before a Hunt
4:47 – Prepare Essential Items
5:29 – Constantly Manage Stamina
6:18 – Learn Monster Patterns
7:18 – Maximize the Wirebug
8:19 – Don’t Ignore Palamutes
8:58 – Identify When to Kill or Capture Monsters

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