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Nhat Cuong Software: Trend of The 4th Industrial Revolution and opportunities of Vietnamese enterprises

9/10/2018 16:10:17 Minh Tuan

No one can predict the future accurately, but experts will soon be able to anticipate trends that will emerge, particularly storming technology trends. In Vietnam, Nhat Cuong Software is one of the technology companies that have software products that keep pace with the trend of The 4th Industrial Revolution.

The company is providing ProERP enterprise management solutions for many big brands in Vietnam such as Viettel, Hoang Anh Gia Lai, Minh Hoa. In 2018, along with the deployment of solutions for large enterprises, the company will develop ERP products on the "cloud platform" to deploy to small and medium enterprises. This is a potential market because the number of small and medium enterprises accounts for 97% of enterprises in Vietnam and few enterprises implement IT solutions.

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