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NCSW is in partnership with Hanoi to provide online services level 3, 4

9/10/2018 16:16:07 Minh Tuan

On the morning of September 11, the Government Office held a national conference on improving the quality of administrative procedures. Deputy Prime Minister - Mr. Truong Hoa Binh attends and directs. Vice Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee - Mr. Le Hong Son presided over the meeting at Hanoi People's Committee.




Online conference on improving the quality of procedures at the Hanoi People's Committee.


According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thanh - Deputy Director of the Office of the Government, in recent years, the reform of administrative procedures has achieved many positive results. The implementation of the OSS mechanism has been implemented and considered as an important solution contributing to the positive change in the quality of service and the strict control over the settlement of administrative procedures. Thereby contributing to improving the business environment, enhancing the national competitiveness, promoting the socio-economic development of the country.

At the meeting, the Vice Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee - Mr. Le Hong Son said that the results of administrative reform ranking in 2017 by ministries, People's Committees of provinces and cities, Hanoi is ranked second in the country. Hanoi identifies the reform of administrative procedures and the application of IT in administrative reform as a key task, a breakthrough in administrative reform, and a friendly administration.

The city has always paid attention to innovating the guiding principles according to the principles "clear people, clear tasks, clear responsibilities, clear procedures, clear results", linking the responsibilities of the head with the performance of the tasks. At the same time, Hanoi focuses on promoting the application of information technology in the overall direction, focusing on deploying and providing public services online level 3, 4 for people and enterprises.

The city has formed the Information and Communication Portal (VDIC) which provides online services level 3 and 4 on a synchronous platform in 30 districts and 584 communes, wards, and towns. At this time, Hanoi has 556 public services at level 3, 4 over 1,883 administrative procedures (including 386 public services level 3 and 170 public services level 4). The target of Hanoi to the end of 2018 is to strive to reach 55% of administrative procedures provided online level 3, 4.


Citizens carry out administrative procedures at the one-door section of Khuong Mai ward (Thanh Xuan district). 


According to Vice Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee - Mr. Le Hong Son, some places deployed new models like "Electronic Residential Area", "Electronic People Group" such as Thanh Xuan District, Tu Liem District, Bac Liem District Phu Xuyen. Wards and communes have organized volunteer teams to guide people to conduct online public services. The media has been implemented synchronously and positively, creating conditions for people, organizations, and enterprises to easily access information and use the public services provided by the City.

Vice Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee - Mr. Le Hong Son also proposed the ministries and branches to soon launch a national database on population, land and social security as the basis for localities to deploy Online public services as well as other applications serving the management of state agencies and serving the people and businesses better. In addition, soon deploy the National Public Service Portal, guide the unified architecture in the implementation of online public service delivery and integration with National Public Service Portal.

Speaking at the meeting, Standing Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh suggested that the units continue to bring into full play their achievements, paying more attention to administrative reforms; create a friendly environment, easy to approach; Improving the service, friendly working attitude for people and enterprises in the implementation of administrative procedures. "Hanoi is a province with many talented people. Therefore, it is necessary to mobilize human resources to participate in deploying, applying IT, solving administrative procedures level 3 and 4 ".

Contributing to this effort, Nhat Cuong Software is proud to support Hanoi, providing e-government solutions for the capital, reforming the public administration step by step, bringing a better life for the people of Hanoi.