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Hanoi: Deploying software to survey patient satisfaction

9/10/2018 16:22:00 Minh Tuan

On August 28, according to information from the Hanoi Health Department, to carry out the evaluation of medical examination and treatment services in public hospitals, the Department of Health has developed and implemented the survey software. The satisfaction and dissatisfaction of patients, family members of patients at hospitals.


The survey was conducted through equipment installed survey software installed and used daily in hospitals. The patient and his/her family will respond directly to the questions in a consistent content throughout the industry. The Department of Health will coordinate with Hanoi Nurses Association, Hanoi Medical University and representatives of some units to conduct survey activities in the units. The assessment will be based on five groups of factors, including access to services at health facilities; transparency of information and procedures for medical examination and treatment; facilities for patients; behavior and professional capacity of health workers; service results.

According to Tran Thi Nhi Ha, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Health, the implementation of the patient satisfaction survey is to identify the problems that have arisen since then to improve the quality of hospitals, step by step, better serve patients, satisfy the expectations and expectations of patients and family members. The Department of Health will regularly monitor and supervise the improvement of the quality of patient services at hospitals.

In September 2018, the Department of Health will pilot in five hospitals: Xanh Pon, Thanh Nhan, Duc Giang, Ha Dong and Dong Da. It is expected in October 2018, will be implemented synchronously in public hospitals under the Hanoi Department of Healt.


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