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Did the parent use the PINO software properly?

12/10/2018 15:44:26 Minh Tuan

Using PINO software, parents can connect quickly with their homeroom teacher, subject teachers, and administrators without having to go directly to the school.



In the afternoon of September 17, Hanoi Department of Education and Training announced that from 2018-2019, Hanoi implements PINO software free of charge to all parents of primary, secondary and high school students. This helps to connect with the database to meet the need to exchange information between family and school quickly and effectively.

PINO allows families and schools to communicate quickly, conveniently, safely, accurately and at the same time to enhance fairness and objectivity in managing student achievement and attendance.

Since September 5, 2018, Hanoi Department of Education and Training requested schools to introduce and instruct Pino software to parents, plan for specific implementation, require all teachers to enter test scores, periodic learning outcomes (for elementary schools), and attendance records on a regular basis so that parents can timely receive information.

When grading, the teacher is responsible for updating the score immediately to the electronic scorebook and this information will be forwarded to the parents. Thus, the parents will be aware of the whole learning process of each subject.

To use PINO, parents just go to http://solienlacdientu.hanoi.gov.vn, enter the code provided by the school and get the necessary information. You can also install the PINO application on devices such as the tablet, smartphones to receive school announcements more convenient. The PINO app is available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Parents can easily install and monitor their children in the best way.

After more than two weeks of deploying Pino software, Hanoi Department of Education and Training has been receiving positive comments from parents and students. At present, the Department of Education and Training of Hanoi continues to supplement and adjust the functions of Pino to create the most favorable conditions for parents.

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